Anova Solar

Frequently Asked Questions

Not even close! Between federal solar tax incentives and fixed-low-rate, no-money-down financing options, your can easily expect your monthly solar payments to cost no more than your current energy bill.
Well, how much is your electricity bill? Whatever it is, solar will cost the same – possibly even less. Some solar homeowners enjoy a discount on their energy bill as high as 60% from Day 1! On top of that, the rate you pay is automatically locked in. Which means no nasty rate hikes. Ever.
Nope! Any problems with your solar panels, we’ll come by and take care of it ourselves. That said, solar panels are extremely low-maintenance. Outside of severe weather conditions, it’s highly unlikely your panels will run into any problems.
There sure are! The federal solar tax credit incentive automatically covers 30% of your solar installation costs. And then there’s net metering, a program that puts money in YOUR pocket for any extra energy your system generates.
There are plenty of fixed low-rate, zero-out-of-pocket solar financing options – like solar loans and solar leases – that allow homeowners with good credit to switch to solar and start saving immediately. Some plans even let you delay your first payment for a full 12 months. We’ll help you find the best one for your financial situation.

Find out if you can save an average of 35% on your energy bills.